25-29 July 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone

11th International Conference on the
Exact Renormalization Group 2022 (ERG2022)

25 - 29 July 2022
Harnack-Haus, Berlin

The ERG conferences, held every second year, are intended to bring together researchers from different branches of theoretical physics who apply modern functional renormalization group methods to describe and understand a variety of physical phenomena. A principal goal of the conference is to strengthen the growing communication between people working on different aspects of the ERG and its applications, and to promote a fruitful exchange of ideas and methods. The conference is centered on themes concerning the ERG applied to quantum many-body systems, critical phenomena, statistical mechanics, particle physics, gauge theories, nuclear physics, quantum theories of gravity. 

Previous conferences of the series:
ERG2008 (Heidelberg), ERG2010 (Corfu), ERG2012 (Aussois), ERG2014 (Lefkada), ERG2016 (Trieste), ERG2018 (Paris), ERG2020 (Kyoto)

Speakers include

S. Andergassen (Tübingen), J. Braun (Darmstadt), J. Erdmenger (Würzburg), K. Falls (SISSA), E. Gull (Michigan), R. Gurau (Heidelberg), S. Hollands (Leipzig), P. Jakubczyk (Warsaw), D. Kennes (Aachen), V. Lucarini (Reading), V. Meden (Aachen), Scott Melville (Cambridge), S.E. Palmer (Chicago), M. Porta (SISSA), M. Reichert (Sussex), U. Reinosa (Ecole Polytechnique), Z. Ringel (Jerusalem), M. Scherer (Cologne), N. Wink (Darmstadt), N. Wschebor (Montevideo), L. Zambelli (Bologna) 

International Advisory Committee

M. Birse (Manchester), J. P. Blaizot (Saclay), L. Canet (Grenoble, Paris), B. Delamotte (Paris), A. Eichhorn (Odense), T. Kunihiro (Kyoto), D. F. Litim (Sussex), W. Metzner (Stuttgart), N. Ohta (NCU Taiwan, Osaka), R. Percacci (Trieste), M. Salmhofer (Heidelberg), N. Tetradis (Athens), C. Wetterich (Heidelberg)

Local Organizing Committee

Holger Gies (Jena), Walter Metzner (Stuttgart)


Heidelberg STRUCTURES Excellence Cluster

Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research

DFG Research Training Group RTG2522 Jena-Leipzig

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Harnack-Haus Ihnestr. 16-20 14195 Berlin Germany
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