22-24 May 2023
Europe/Berlin timezone

The effective-one-body (EOB) framework is a powerful analytical tool for the solution of the two-body problem in general relativity and beyond. The EOB approach is used to design waveform models for gravitational-wave (GW) astronomy and more in general to explore the two-body dynamics incorporating perturbative and numerical results in a unified framework.

EOBAtWork is the first of a series of workshops aimed at starting a collaborative research effort at the frontiers of EOB development. The workshop is informal and technical. It alternates discussions with hands-on sessions. Workshop's participation is limited and by invitation only. If you are interested, please contact the organizers.

The topic of the 2023 workshop is:

The transition between bound and unbound orbits in the binary black hole problem

The overreaching problem that we wish to tackle during the workshop is the identification of the most urgent improvements required to faithfully describe coalescences of non-circularized binary black holes (BBHs) (i.e. highly eccentric inspirals, hyperbolic scatterings and dynamical captures) within the EOB framework. In particular, we will focus on:

  •  The inclusion of high order analytical information -- coming from post-Newtonian and post-Minkowskian computations -- within the EOB framework, and its impact on scattering angle computations;
  • The modeling of the merger, ringdown and remnant BH born out of a highly eccentric coalescence;
  • The improvement of the computational performance of EOB models for non-circularized systems via analytical and machine learning techniques;
  • The technical challenges in the application of EOB-based models to gravitational wave data analysis.


TPI, Abbeanum building
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