Haley Ehlers 

Hello all! I am from Utah in the United States of America. I have my master’s and bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering. I am currently in my second year working at MIMETAS in the Netherlands. My overall research goal is to create an Artery-on-a-Chip model using the MIMETAS OrganoPlate® to study the changes in nitric oxide and calcium concentrations between the healthy and diseased artery. I am very passionate about cycling, nature and travelling. I am excited to get to meet other researchers and hope to plan a successful symposium.  



Hani Elbeheiry

     I am Hani Elbeheiry, born in Dakahliya, Egypt. I obtained my Bachelor in chemistry from the Faculty of Science, Damietta University, Egypt in 2013. I have completed my master studies in organic chemistry, especially organic synthesis at the same institution. Since October 2019, I’m working as an Early Stage   Researcher at Friedrich Schiller University Jena. In my project, I   will develop photo-induced nitric oxide-releasing molecules where the design of these molecules will give them the accessibility to act as molecular logic gates.
Besides my passion for chemistry, I like to play and watch football.


Basseem Radwan 

Hi, I am Basseem Radwan from Cairo, Egypt. I obtained my master’s degree in Pharmacy from Erciyes University in Turkey.
In October 2019, I joined the Jagiellonian University in Krakow where, for the past two years, I worked under the supervision of Prof. Malgorzata Baranska, head of the Raman Imaging group and the Physical Chemistry department. I have co-authored 7 papers, 5 of which in the last two years on multimodal imaging of in vitro and ex vivo models of endothelial dysfunction, which is the subject of my PhD project.
I like swimming, traveling and exploring new things.




Valeriia Andreeva

     Hello everyone! My name is Valeriia Andreeva and I work as an   Early Stage Researcher at Leiden Institute of Chemistry. I have a background in chemistry working with lipids and  porphyrins. During my bachelor project in Moscow State   University of Fine Chemical Technology I synthesized a lipid   which lays out as a base for liposomes for further investigations in   a field of gene therapy. In my master thesis I investigated methods   which allow to shift light absorbance peaks of β-alkylporphyrins to   the red area via modifying their structure. The objective of this  work was to increase the efficiency of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells.
 Since August 2019 I am working as a PhD student in Leiden University,  developing molecular sensors for calcium ion detection. This research topic summarizes my background and gives me a new challenge.


Ruben Arturo Arellano Reyes 

Hi, I am Ruben and I have been working with Professor Tia Keyes at Dublin City University since August 2019. As part of my PhD project, I look to develop novel fluorescent and functional dyes for NO sensing, bioimaging applications and up-conversion.

I have got a pharmacist degree and a master's degree in Organic Chemistry. I have been doing research mainly in medicinal chemistry (antiparasitic, antifungals and antivirals) and now I try to further develop my synthetic skills and complement that with knowledge in photochemistry. 

Apart from my passion for synthetic chemistry I'm an avid reader and I love learning foreign languages.